Winky Lux Diamond Powder

So I recently received this finishing powder from Winky Lux. I can be set in my ways with my foundation and powder. I mix up and change up blushes, mascaras and shadows but my foundations and powder I tend to stay loyal to. When the fine ladies at Winky Lux mentioned there were diamonds in this powder I instantly said ok let’s check this out now. I mean come on who could resist diamonds? After all they are a girls best friend!

So what’s this diamond powder all about eyy… 

Finely crushed diamonds illuminate skin while imperfections are diffused. Skin is left with a soft focus effect and shine free finish.
You apply using a puff for more intense coverage or a brush for lighter coverage. I personally just dust it and it leaves the perfect finish. Winky Lux is cruelty free meaning they never test on animals. Which is awesome. The powder is also paraben free. 

The only side bar with this is it seams the powder comes in just two shades: light and medium. Both shades are fair so it won’t work for everyone but hopefully our friends at Winky Lux are working on that. 

I’m loving this powder, check it out I bet you will too. 
Have you tried this powder yet? 

Let me know your thoughts!

Love Always,


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