30 Days of Thankful Turkey Craft

It’s that time of year already. I just seriously can’t even begin to believe it but it’s time I face reality. Summer is really over and hello people it’s NOVEMBER. Why do the months go so quickly?

With that being said it’s time to talk holiday crafts and traditions to do with our little kiddies. It’s easy to think our kids are to young to understand what it is to be thankful for the blessings in our every day lives but the truth is they are never to young to be taught about being thankful. I started this little tradition when my son Michael was around 2 years old. The day after halloween about 4 years ago I sat at my dining room table with my then only child and thought of something crafty we could do together. I found this adorable 30 days of thankful turkey and we’ve been making one every year since. It’s fun for the kids because they get to get crafty and it makes us take the time every single day to talk about things we are thankful for. It’s so fun to hear what their little minds come up with. Every year so far day 1 my kids are thankful for candy, halloween or trick or treating. Ya know, when your in single digits thats totally the best thing to be thankful for the day after halloween. Ha!

It’s really not that difficult to do here’s a step by step for your 30 days of thankful turkey.

How cute is my little Anthony so excited to start this craft.

Gather your supplies.

  • Construction paper or Cardstockyou can get this construction paper at the dollar store and the card stock i like to get at Michaels and use their coupons. Download the app so you always have a coupon handy
  • Scissors 
  • Sharpie
  • Glue Stick



Here i used brown card stock for the body of the turkey. You can use a pencil or just eye it like i did above. It does NOT need to be perfect so don’t over think this part or any part for that matter. It comes out cute in the end whether your crafty or not. Trust me.


Steps Turkey’s pilgrim style hat:

  • use the black construction paper to cut out a pilgrim style hat
  • Take the white construction paper and cut a white square the same size approx as the center of the black pilgrim hat.
  • Cut a yellow square, then fold in the center and cut another square as shown above.


  • Cut little half ovals for the turkey feet
  • a yellow triangle for the turkey nose
  • a red oval with squiggle for the little gobble
  • I use a sharpie for the eyes and write the year and thankful on the belly as shown above

After i assemble the turkey himself I cut out 30 turkey feather in all sorts of colors. I usually cut one and then use that as my stencil and cut the rest from there.


  • Then we turn the turkey over and start gluing the feathers on.



I usually just tape this up on my kitchen wall and every night at dinner time we talk about what were thankful for. My kids pick more then one thing each night and we decide what we’ll write from there. It’s such a good way to get conversation going and teach them gratitude and appreciation.

Check out some pictures from the last few years of our turkeys getting filled up with thanks.

My son Michael is always super excited for this tradition.

As you can see my kids pick anything from meatballs to family members to be thankful for each day. I hope you enjoy 30 days of thankful as much as we do.

Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below.  Share with me how you show gratitude with your family this time of year.


Love Always,


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