Protein Pancakes

Who says we can’t live a little and enjoy some pancakes with the fam on a Saturday morning. Well I’ve been on this low carb high protein lifestyle for awhile. (Notice I used the word lifestyle… not diet) I’m truly tying to just change the way I eat in general it’s not a diet for me right now it’s a lifestyle change at least that’s what I’ll call it. Whatever keeps my head in the game lol. So while avoiding starchy carbs  I’ve found some delish ways to enduldge but make it still be healthy and stick with my “lifestyle” plan. Have you all heard of Kodiak Cakes? It’s a delish pancake mix that’s packed with protein. You can pick up a box and your local supermarket or target.

You can power up the protein by preparing these 3 different ways. I used option 3. I use Fairlife skim milk which has double the protein in it then other brands. Then I used 1 egg which scored me with more then 32 Grams of protein. Check the options below and choose what works best for you. 

My kids love it when I make pancakes on the the weekends I spice them up with a little chocolate chip,berries or bananas. If the mornings going well I make whatever they request. Being a mom to three hungry little boys I’m at the point now where I use the electric skillet for breakfast these days. Allows me to cook more pancakes at a time. 

There you have it 21 grams of protein in these delish pancakes taste just as good as regular pancakes.

And the kids like them too lol

Try them out you won’t be disappointed. Let me know in the comments how you like them.

Love Always,


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