Snacks On The Go

I have three sons ages 6, 3 and 2. I am always on the go. We’re all rushing off and running somewhere. I need to keep my bag stocked with goodies. 

My little guys love these Go Organically fruit snacks. I make it like a special treat when we’re out and it helps me get them sit still instead of trying to break out of their strollers! Yes, we are now at the stage where my 2 little guys want to break out of their strollers. The is a real struggle for me with them right now when shopping they don’t walk nice they’ll make a run for it and being a mom of three I need backup of some sort to help keep this whole thing called liked running smoothly. If I let them out of the stroller one runs one way the other runs the opposite I can’t deal with that so these tasty treats have been a life saver in getting them to stay in the stroller while shopping this holiday season! Woohoo amen! Haha

Now mama also needs a pick me up. It’s so important to remember to stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget. In order to get the necessary amount of water in a day you really need to be sipping all day long. I love these sparkling ICE sparkling waters. They have tons of flavors too. Vicki’s granola I love to have on hand in my bag also. I’ll snack on this sometimes on my way to the gym and my kids like it too so it’s a must have in my bag. 

What are some of your fave snacks to have on the go?
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