Let’s talk jewels again my friends! I recently partnered up with Rocksbox. If your not familiar with rocksbox, Rocksbox is a jewelery membership service that transforms the way women discover and buy jewelry. This jewelry membership service is designed to make your life easier and more stylish. For only $19/month, treat yourself by renting 3 pieces of jewelry at a time with free shipping both ways! So in your box you’ll get three amazing pieces to  keep for as long as you want.Ready to change it up? Swap your box to receive a new set as often as you like. They carry the trendiest jewelry from 30+ designers, giving you access to a collection that is the ultimate in #accessorygoals. If you can’t bear to part with something? No worries! You can redeem  your $10 monthly credit, where you can now buy pieces at a discount, plus you will get an extra $10 off when  you keep your whole set! 

Check out this months goodies I received. 

The best part is all my followers can get their i   
Here’s a full unboxing incase you missed it on my snapchat (taramedina523) 

Now hurry up and head to and claim your own FREE month of Rocksbox using code: lovealwaystarablogxoxo at checkout. 
Happy shopping


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4 thoughts on “RocksBox

  1. I LOVE this! Great post cuz! I’m definitely going to sign up for this, its similar to Rent the Runway unlimited!


    1. Ahhh thank you! So fun and YES its just like rent the runway only jewels! bling bling!

  2. So cool!!

    1. Thank you!! 😚😊

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