Hello December

Hello December! 🎄❤️ 

I absoluely love the month of December. December changed my life forever. I became a mother in the month of December. I wasn’t due until January 13th but my little baby arrived early just in time for the holidays. I spent hours Christmas shopping with my mom the day before I had my son. All that shopping must have sparked his interest. Lol I’ll never forget that magical morning on December 17, 2009 when my water broke and I truly wasn’t sure if I had peed the bed or of this was it! Ha! My water didn’t break in one big gush it broke little by little and then the huge gush happened while walking into the hospital. There’s something so special about December babies. My sons little hospital crib tag had a Christmas tree sticker on it. For me December is more then presents and Christmas trees it’s about family. My family was created in December and for me that makes it….The most wonderful time of the year. Magical…. he’s Magic ❤️
Happy December everyone. 

May the season bring you lots of happiness with those you love most.  Cheers to ending 2016 with love, laughter and health xoxoox 
Love Always,



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