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 There is something extra special and unique about a girl with curly hair. My wild hair describes my inner soul… wild and not able to be tamed Ha! I can’t be tamed and neither can my hair. I do my hair curly often but I love a good blow out. It’s funny because after all these years in and out of my favorite salons I can honestly not remember the last time I left a salon with my hair curly. Probably not since I was a little girl. So here I am a girl with curls on curls and I always had my hair cut for how I style my hair straight. You always want what you don’t have so for years I tried anything to get my hair long and straight. Well that all changed this past week. I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Anthony Lombardi owner of Anthony Robert Salon in Verona, NJ. Anthony introduced me to Ouidad hair cut and products.  Ouidad is dedicated to empowering individuals with curly hair to understand, enhance and love their curly hair. The trademarked Carving & Slicing cutting method cuts into the hair allowing your curls to fall flawlessly. As Anthony explained this all to me I decided I just had to try for myself.

After sectioning off my hair layer by layer Anthony snipped a tiny piece of hair basically carving my curls. 

After he finished my cut he styled me by taking sections of hair and using Ouidad’s Rake & Shake Technique. Where you take a nickel-size amount of styling gel and rake and shake through each section.

   The rack and shake process was pretty cool literally racking the product through your hair then, holding the ends of hair, shaking hair back and forth to release and create curls and repeating the process for each section. Anthony mentioned I’ll probably feel as though I’ve never had this much product in my hair ever before and he was right but you have to make sure to get every inch to ensure complete coverage and help prevent the under layers of hair from stacking out when dry.

Ouidad products are formulated exclusively for curly hair  working from the inside out to leave hair healthy, manageable, and frizz free. I must say that even though we did use lots of product my hair didn’t dry feeling like their was tons of product weighing me down my hair felt really nice. 

Check out these locks….

I’m so obsessed with the products! Right now my faves are the Ouidad Curl Quencher moisturizing styling gel and the Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme repair mask. My hair is dry right now from color treating my hair and all the sun and salt water at the beach this summer. After using this mask once  I’m already seeing such an improvement. 
Head over to Anthony Robert Salon 279 Bloomfield Ave in Verona, NJ for your Ouidad cut and products today. You and your curls can thank me later. 

Love Always,


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  1. Love this look!

  2. U look beautiful

    1. thank you Arleen!

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