Sunday Funday Meal Prep-Greek yogurt parfait

Happy Sunday Funday everyone. I hope your all enjoying today with your families. My boys are all here and momma is prepping for the week. I find it so important for me to have healthy meal options easily available for me otherwise I make bad choices or skip meals. Skipping meals has been a problem of mine for awhile. I’m always so busy with the kids chasing them around, feeding them, cleaning them and after them or driving them somewhere that I forget about myself. You no the feeling all the sudden it’s dinner time and you realize you haven’t eaten a thing all day. Then your starving and grab the wrong choices to snack on. This is so unhealthy for you it KILLS your matabolism. I’m by no mean an expert on health and fitness but this was me on a daily and I’m vowing to get my crap together. Lol The best way for me to do that is to have healthy options readily available for me to grab and go so I can continue to fuel my body with the fuel it needs and not junk. This weeks sunday funday meal prep post is going to focus on this amazing Greek yogurt parfait.¬†

This is so easy to make ahead and it’s delish!

You can substitute the ingredients according to your preference or based on what’s on sale etc.


1/2 c. Nature Valley Oats n Honey Protein Granola (I love this one plus it add protein to this already high protein power breakfast)

1/2 c. plain Greek yogurt or Vanilla Greek yogurt (I love the vanilla Greek yogurt. You can also use regular yogurt but I love the Greek yogurt because it has so much more protein)

1/2 teaspoon of Honey. I like to just drizzle some on top of the granola. I’m all into adding honey in the winter season as it acts as a natural antibiotic it’s health benefits are amazing.

4 strawberries, washed & diced


Layer your parfait however you prefer with granola, yogurt and top with strawberries. Some people love the yogurt first some people multi layer. Make a container for each day of the week and refrigerate. You can grab and go and will have a healthy option on hand at all times.  Enjoy!

I love to store these in my new press and click by stor all containers. They recently sent me this box of containers and I’m loving them you can pick them up at your local bed bath and beyond, target or Walmart.
Enjoy and have a wonderful week.


Love Always,


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