Explore Your Art… with your girlfriend or your kiddies

If your anything like my girlfriends and I we’re always looking for a new girls night plan whether it be dinners, game nights etc. Right now we’re crushing on Explore Your Art. We’ve done paint and sips before but Explore Your Art goes mobile which means we can have our wine, food and snacks all in our comfy yoga pants for a fun girls night in. Michelle and Tiffany of Explore Your Art are a true dynamic duo. They come in and set up shop right in your house and teach you and your family and friends step by step how to bring out the true Picasso in you. So much fun! I’ve personally done it twice already!  

Christmas time we painted these fab elf legs which was my fave Christmas decoration this year! 
Just a couple weeks ago we did this master piece! 

A little tip from the girls and I, we each sign the back of each other’s paintings so Years from now when we’re looking back we’ll remember painting all together. 

Explore You Art has several children’s programs available as well. You can now sign your child up at Fairfield Recreation for youth and toddler/pre k art programs. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, you don’t have to miss out on the creativity with your little ones. They offer private programs after school and weekends as well. 

Having a birthday party or special event? Explore Your Art has you covered there as well. The next level talent they bring to your little ones face is unreal. I can’t wait to book them for my little ones birthday. 

Check them out on facebook by clicking here and on Instagram here

Stay artsy my friends! 


Love Always,

Photos courtesy of Explore Your Art

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