INVO Coconut Water

It’s no secret that sports drinks can be jam-packed with sugar, so why not give kids a healthy beverage that will keep them energized and hydrated without the extra fat such as INVO Coconut Water! With three delicious flavors and undeniable health benefits, INVO is sure to be a crowd favorite.   
INVO is packed with five essential electrolytes, which promotes rapid hydration, just what your child’s body needs after a rigorous workout! It’s low in sugar, 99% fat free and a good source of vitamin C&B to help with recovery. INVO is unique because they use a cold pasteurization process (dubbed “Cold Crafting”), which locks in all the nutrients and gives that freshly cracked coconut water experience, just as nature intended.  
As you can see my guys love it and so does their mommy! 
Flavors include: Pure, Tropical and Sencha Green Tea
You can read more on INVO Coconut water and where you can pick up a bottle by clicking here
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