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So I’ve been asked so much about my favorite baby items so I decided to compile a list for you all. My littlest guy is now 2 years old so some of the newbie stuff is foggy now but here are some of my faves, since ya know being a mom of 3 I’ve tried it all. 

Obviously we all need car seats! I wanted functional, safety and comfort. 

Graco 4Ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat:

This is a great car seat to use from infant to toddler. I personally still used the infant click and go when my boys were newbies but switched to this as they outgrew the infant carrier. I also had one of these in my husbands car for when he was doing the occasional pick up. I went back to work after my first born and he was on pick up duty as his shift was out before mine at the time, so he did much more infant traveling with him then with my other two little guys. 

Click here to purchase at Babie R Us for $299. 

Infant Car seat I loved my Graco snug ride. At my baby shower I had received (and registered for) a different brand by the time I had my third I went out and purchased this. Babies are heavier then we realize and the carrier is too. It’s usually us moms lugging it around by the time I had my second guy my infant carrier was so heavy even before the baby it was crazy. For number 3 I went out and purchased a new one I should have went with this from the beginning.

Graco SnugRide click here to read more about it. 


Again I opted to be different and thought the city mini was to expensive. I should have gotten it from the beginning. It’s also the best double stroller in my opinion as well. It folds so nice and flat. All my other strollers take up so much space in my trucks trunk it’s crazy.  Click here to read more on city mini. 

Baby Jogger® City Mini® GT Single Stroller in Black/Black


Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to newborn sleeping. My 2 younger sons Anthony and Joseph both used this bassinet I kept it next to my bed. I basically had it touching my bed and my eyes were glued to it but it work for me. With my first born I actually had the crib set up in my bedroom. 

I loved this bassinet click here it’s one sale now. 

Baby Ganics

I just love all their products. I highly recommend trying a sample of each product. You can surely bring a gift set of baby ganics to any baby shower and the mom to be will be super happy. Check more or here.  

WaterPura wipes

I’m all about using products on my boys that are safe, natural and chemical free. I recently was introduced to WaterPura and I’m really liking these wipes. Check out these different reasons WaterPura™ is not only safe for baby, but the best choice:
Keep it Simple: Have you taken a closer look at what’s in the baby wipes you use? WaterPura™ stays natural with only two ingredients: 99.9% water and 0.1% citrus extract. No fragrance or oils that will irritate the skin when wiping off your toddler’s little hands, feet, and face.



This product was something i used every single day, several times a day with all three kids until they were each almost 1 year old. I used it for every single feeding whether I was nursing or bottle feeding. I couldn’t live without this one. 

Here are some Safe Sleep Tips for Baby: 

  • Place your baby’s separate, safe sleep space near your bed. No bed sharing!
  • Use a crib that meets current safety standards. The mattress should be firm and fit snuggly in the crib.
  • Do not put anything soft, loose or fluffy in your baby’s sleep space.
  • Never place your baby to sleep on top of any soft surface. This includes adult beds, sofas, chairs, waterbeds, pillows (This includes Boppy® Pillows), cushions, comforters and sheepskins.
  • Never expose your baby to cigarette smoke. (Obviously lol)
  • Always place your baby on his back. Side and tummy positions are not safe.
  • Always put your baby in a wearable blanket when sleeping. 


So this product I never actually used on my own kids but I was sent a sample and it looks super cool I’d definitely say give it a try. 

Looking for that unique present for mom-to-be? Give her a Hugaboo! Hugaboo “wraps” baby (three to 11 months old) in a loving hug so they receive 360 degrees of support, and mom doesn’t have to worry about them slipping out or falling over. 

See why the Hugaboo will be the most talked about gift at the next baby shower:

  • Upright Seating Position: Helps stabilize your infant’s back, sides and legs while they learn to sit up  
  • 360º of Comfy Support: The plush cushion wraps around your infant, always keeping them secure and snug.
  • Machine Washable: Its lightweight fabric is 100% polyester fiberfill and machine washable for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Portable: Its compact size lets mom easily take the chair all over the house so mom can be hands-free.
  • Develops Sensory and Motor Skills: Each chair comes equipped with two toy attachments to not only keep your infant occupied, but also their mind engaged.
  • Two-toy Attachment: Keep your bundle of joy entertained and giggling.
  • Attractive Styles: Choose from a variety of fun animal prints and a combination of vibrant colors.


Judanzy has the cutest accessories for your little miss or mister. 

 Your little gentleman will look extra snappy at the next holiday function with this classic red bow tie. Featuring an adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit, this bow tie can be paired with a traditional white button up to add a pop of color.
Mommy’s Watches gives moms and dads peace of mind knowing their baby is getting safe meals each and every time.

Mommy’s Watches 

This is another product that I myself didn’t try when I was breast feeding and only because I didn’t no it was on the market then but they sent me a sample and I could have totally used this in my time of pumping. 

This reusable product is perfect for any mom, dad or even caretaker, ensuring you’re not throwing out your baby’s milk too soon or feeding them spoiled milk! 

  • Ticks at different speeds depending on its surrounding temperature, self-adjusting the expiration time
  • Fits most breastfeeding bags and bottles
  • Reusable with an operational battery lifetime
  • Non-microwavable and non-dishwasher safe 
  • Complies with FCC Rules and Regulations
  • US Patented Technology

Affordable! Single-Pack: $12.99 & Double Pack: $23.99

I’ll update this post as more come to mind. What are some of your favorites. Did I miss anything? 

Tell me in the comments below. Hope this info helped xoxo 



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