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It’s finally a gorgeous day here in New Jersey. August hasn’t been bringing that summer sun and heat that I love and need so much. Finally today I’m sitting poolside getting back to the blog while soaking up some of my favorite vitamin… vitamin D. Speaking of favorites I put together a list of my favorite Blogging Resources. Anyone looking to start a blog or make blogging go from mind to screen faster and easier should keep on reading.


1. WordPress app on iPhone or whatever phone you use. I have a MacBook but honestly I basically never use it for blogging. I’m a mom of 3 busy boys everything needs to be on the go for me. If I’m at the park with my boys and all is going smoothly I whip out my phone and can let the words flow.


2Canva this is game changing for me. I’m not good at photography. Or should I say I just don’t have the time. I also don’t have the time to sit down and make my own graphics in illustrator. Canva allows you to find an image and make it your own.

3. Social Media obviously social media is key some bloggers and influencers have done away with blog posts completely and just post on social media. The more engagement you give the more you get. An awesome to get more engagement on your social media posts is starting engagement groups. You have a group of bloggers you may or may not know and start a group message. You’ll come up with a rule for example every Monday the group shares a post in the group message and everyone goes to that persons page and comments on their posts it’s a great way to promote engagement and to make contacts.

4. Coffee… well because seriously coffee seams to be my key to survival lol and I figured it had to make the list!

5. Photography/Camera: honestly as I said previously I’m not to great at photography and I just don’t really have time. I do have a Cannon Rebel but truthfully I really don’t use it that much for my posts. My husband works crazy hours so it’s hard for us to schedule a time for him to take pictures of me. Plus, let’s be honest here… I’m NO model. I know some bloggers love doing photo shoots and some are aspiring models themselves. That’s not me I know I’m
no model and I’m not exactly comfortable behind the camera anyway unless my kids are with me lol so most of my photography is done on the good ol’ iPhone and I’m most comfortable when it’s not me in the flashing light! Ha! However, I do have a few photographers I absolutely love to work with when I really need professional photographer for my posts. If your local in NJ check out Lucia Viola photography  and Winsor photography.

6. SEO:  SEO is essential for getting the most out of your website traffic. For local SEO NJ purposes check out NJ SEO  they are the number one digital marketing agency in NJ. They deliver compelling, digital marketing solutions to growing businesses in and out of New Jersey. Their specialities are on-page and off-page SEO as well as PPC and have case studies to prove that they beat out every other agency in the area. Matt Anton, the founder of the New Jersey office and is known as the best of the best in SEO and digital marketing. He is cited as an SEO expert, he’s listed in the top 62 local SEO marketers, and was the former online marketing manager for Liberty Travel, working with a 250k monthly budget. If your like me and love to support local businesses check them out for your SEO needs. How cute are Matt and his little girl in this picture. I just love supporting local, family businesses.


There you have it… my favorite Resources

Stay tuned and soak up what’s left of summer seventeen.


Love Always,

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